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"Jennifer is an extremely powerful healer. Her abilities and compassion shine through as she works on you with all her heart. After just one session my body released massive stuck energy that no other healer has ever facilitated for me before. She is amazingly gifted and I highly recommend her to anyone that wishes to overcome blocks, receive healing or just move to the next level in life.  You will receive a profound shift like no other." 

– K.R.

 "Took our 7 year old son to see Jennifer as he was having this eye twitch where he would look up and to the right several times a second… very annoying when trying to concentrate on anything… Jennifer worked with him and he hasn't twitched since. We are very grateful for Jennifer and her healing capacities. We highly recommend Jennifer!"

 "My experience with Jennifer has been transformative.  I came feeling uncertain and confused about where I was in life.  After working with her I am feeling so empowered about the next phase of my life. Incredibly clear and confident. I am so grateful for her support and guidance."

 "I came to Jennifer two days after quitting cigarettes cold turkey and I was very off balance. She begins to work to restore this balance in me. I was grateful. Afterwards I felt a sense of newness within myself, as if the negative energy had been lifted from my body. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone in need of healing work."


 "Jennifer Rae, has helped me remove unwanted layers of stress, disappointments, and self doubt that I have carried for many years. When she removed these layers of consciousness, I could feel the release from my body and mind then I felt as if a great weight of burdens had been lifted off my body. She has also done energy work on me that has replaced fatigue and low energy levels and replaced these with a great warmth and feeling of having great energy and happiness."

 "Jennifer has replaced the heavy stress that was weighing me down with positive energy, love, and healing. I felt an immeasurable amount of joy for my life. I am no longer feeling tied down to the stress that has happened in the past, and I am no longer feeling the anxiety or negative thoughts that sometimes plagued my mind. I feel brand new and ready to take on the world. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer and her abilities."


Living Empowered

The Guide

Jennifer Rae is a Natural Healer and Intuitive Guide, working with the mind, body, and spirit to balance her clients' energetic field to align with their higher selves.

Divine Process

Jennifer Rae’s approach to divine, whole-life healing began when she was young. As an intuitive girl, she discovered the world of personal healing through her own struggles with physical, mental, and spiritual traumas. Her journey led her to discover that the human soul has unending potential to awaken and heal. 


Jennifer incorporates intuitive counseling, spiritual life coaching, energetic repatterning, and meditation techniques into her healing practice. She blends years of training with support and guidance from Spirit into a special alchemy that enables her to profoundly impact her clients’ lives. 

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